When We First Met David



David Karp first visited Sequoia in October 2010, when Tumblr was a 12-person blogging startup. Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures described David as an inspiration and told us we had to meet him.

What followed was one of the fastest decisions in our firm’s history.

David sat down with a few of us at 11 a.m. It was clear he had identified a problem that he knew about firsthand and he knew how to solve it.

His first objective was creating an easy-to-use, aesthetically-beautiful place for people to express themselves, and to build a network around it to allow people to follow and share what they love.

His presentation said: “Total freedom of expression. An identity you’re truly proud of. A network of people sharing and following the things they love.”

Beyond that, though, it was his passion and sincerity that hooked us.

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Perspective on Apple amid the clamour



This article was originally published by The Financial Times and is now available on ft.com.

It is ironic that both Dell and Apple shared big news last week.

Back in 1998 Michael Dell, then the crown prince of the personal computer industry, recommended that Steve Jobs shut down Apple, which was in dire shape, and distribute the proceeds to shareholders. By contrast, reflecting the turmoil now afflicting all PC makers, Mr Dell is negotiating to borrow money to make his company disappear from public view. Apple, meanwhile, announced that its shareholders would receive a Valentine’s day dividend of $2.5bn – a tiny portion of its $137bn cash pile.

But Apple earnings announced on Wednesday, and the subsequent fall in the value of its stock, grabbed more headlines than Dell’s prospective leveraged buyout. Moments after the financial figures were released, which showed a slowing growth rate, soothsayers took their gloomy predictions to the Twittergraph. The hordes who bought Apple stock in the past few years stampeded for the exits.

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This is the approximate text of the keynote I gave at DLD13 today in Munich. I felt my delivery of this (admittedly, relatively dense) material was not the best, but the content is crucially important. To that end, I am posting the notes here. They were edited for grammar beyond the basics, so…


Meraki founders

Quick: when was the last time you plugged in an Ethernet cable? If you have trouble answering that question, you’re one of the reasons why Cisco has agreed to acquire Meraki.

Six years ago Sanjit, John and Hans saw our Wi-Fi world before many others. Meraki offered smaller…

When the apartment I go see is NOTHING like the description on Craigslist